#MYSTORY Clinic for Young Storytellers!

On March 25, 2017, the Kansas Storytelling Festival is presenting #mystory, a 1-day clinic for middle school and older students to learn more about the art of storytelling. Click on "Special Opportunities" for more information.

Save the date! The 24th annual Kansas Storytelling Festival will be April 28-29, 2017.

Celebrate stories!

The Kansas Storytelling Festival opens on a Friday afternoon and closes the following evening. Within this charmed pocket of time the Kansas Storytelling Festival offers two evening concerts and many separate sessions of stories, workshops and music. There's something for everyone; Puppets and Stories for Children, Homespun Tales, Historical Portrayals, Poetry, Music, and more.

On Friday afternoon and all day Saturday, storytelling sessions are held simultaneously at different locations, all within comfortable walking distance. Stories continue almost until the evening storytelling concerts. Don't forget to visit the food court at noon and have supper with the storytellers on Friday evening.

Downs, Kansas, is called the "The Town of Many Stories," and rightly so. We tell stories. We listen to stories. We save stories. Each April since 1994 we honor stories by hosting the Kansas Storytelling Festival.

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